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All appartus is housed at 151 Boston Post Rd.


Engine #1


1995 3D Engine Tanker

1,500 gpm Hale pump

1,000 gallon tank

1,100 ft. of 5" Large Diameter Hose


Second due engine in district.



Engine #2


2016 Smeal Engine

1,500 gmp Hale pump

1,250 gallon tank

1,200 ft. of 5" Large Diameter Hose


First due engine in district.


Engine #3


2003 Ford F-550

Fire One Brush Truck

135 gpm Hale pump

300 gallon tank

Patriot winch


Responds to all brush fires in district.

Mutual aid truck.




Tower #1


2015 Smeal Tower Ladder

100 ft. midmount tower

2,000 gpm pump

300 gallon tank

300 ft. of 5" Large Diameter Hose


First due ladder in district for commercial structures.



Service Truck


2003 Ford F-350 Crew Cab

Serves as an additional medical response unit in district.

Helps transport equipment as well as provide transportation for members to attend classes and training's.

Donated to the town by East Lyme Ambulance Fund, Inc. 




Rescue Truck

2010 Farrara Heavy Rescue

Holmatro hydraulic system

Paratech stabilization equipment

Bauer breathing air compressor


First due rescue truck for the 5 mile stretch of I-95 in East Lyme.

Majority paid for by East Lyme Ambulance Fund, Inc.






2018 Chevrolet 4500

AEV Ambulance


First due ambulance in district and second due for the town.

Owned by East Lyme Ambulance Fund, Inc.


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